As a self-driven R&D project at Nokia, I covered visualization design and development (D3), UI/UX design of the web app, and a part of Node.js server development. This project has received numerous positive comments from users; some includes its usefulness in tracking overtime work days and holidays.
This project was presented at the poster session of IEEE InfoVis 2014 conference. Read the paper here.   
This demo video shows the key features of Commute.
Daily view shows when you were at work or home, including average leaving-home time, leaving-work time, and commute minutes.
In a reversed view of the above focuses on the commutes and visited places on the way home or work.
Monthly commute pattern shows more distinctive pattern; coming to work early in the summer time.
Dashboard view shows further analysis of your commuting behavior.
Main web app page screenshot: commute was previously served at
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